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chun feng sugar

Since 1989

We are a Taiwanese bubble tea brand with the most absolute perfect taste,

our brown sugar milk tea.

We are proud of being one of the most tastiest Taiwanese milk tea since 1989.

For thirty years, Hwasabu stirred brown sugar into his milk teas and now is currently the only master in Taiwan as a Taiwanese tea master of thirty years.








We learned the special recipe and bought it to Los Angeles for the first time.

He taught us his style of creating the best teas in the world.


We proudly are happy to serve the people his delicious blend of Milktea around the world.

His own unique style of bubble teas.

The locations are in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, China,South Korea and in the United States.

The master in Taiwan decided to work together and blend styles with South Korea.

We are very proud that we had an opportunity to collaborate with the masters in Taiwan.

Because of this fuse, our teas are at top quality and we look forward to serving the best beverages to our customers.

메인 현수막디자인2-190610_edited.jpg

Our Special

Brown Sugar Pearl

The difference between Chun Feng Sugar and other bubble tea stores,

we home make our own pearl as known as Tapioca.

We mix our tapioca with brown sugar and syrup.

We stir it up with our style we were taught by the masters in Taiwan

Pearls are enthusiastically slow cooked and glazed every 2 hours

in the brown sugar syrup resulting in aromatic, excellent chewy.

Finally, pearls absorb all that smoky and caramelly flavor. 

We want people to taste more flavor in the tapioca as they drink their milk teas

High Quality

Tea Leaves

At Chun Feng Sugar we have selective high tier teas which taste richer,

aromatic and more flavorful.


Our top priority for our teas are that they are very fresh.


Every four hours, all our tea are freshly brewed in our cafe. 


It gives you all the happiness and energy you need before starting the day. 


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